Электрический вакуумный насос 12 вольт

Электрический вакуумный насос 12 вольт

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Насос вакуумный Becool BC-VP-12P (2ст; 283 л/мин; 5 Па;.

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Насос электрический 12volt

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Насос электрический воздушный Scoprega Bravo 12 150л/ми.

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Насос электрический Браво 12 BATT (с отсеком аккумулято.

Earlier, I described my problem with the brakes: www.drive2.ru/l/486196621172801664/

I decided to try to put an electric brake vacuum pump. This pump is installed on many cars, Opel Astra, Volkswagen Passat, Tuareg, Mercedes.

I connected this pump in parallel with the inlet receiver, that is, I put a tee on the tube leaving the VUT. Then two hoses: one to the receiver, the second to the pump through the valve. The pump itself worked by depressing the brake pedal through a relay. That is, it turned out I was simultaneously creating a vacuum inlet receiver and this pump.

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In the photo, this is all purely for verification. If everything worked, then there would be order.

However, after connecting it, nothing changed — the pedal remained solid as it was. I’m not saying that it’s oak, but you need to make an effort to stop the car at speed.

The pump itself is quiet. The advantage of this connection is that you can normally brake on a non-wound machine (it will be convenient to go on a cable).

Hoping that I will have brakes, I purchased a relay with a pause "Ragtime-1" manufactured by ZAO Energomash. I would like to use this relay so that after pressing the brake pedal, the above pump will switch off after the set time. That is, if you stand in a traffic jam and press the brake pedal, the pump would constantly work and warm up, which is not good.

Now the problem with the vacuum is eliminated from solving the problem with the brakes. Next, I want to buy a similar VUT from Toyota Mark 2 in 80 body (this is it in the photo), which is currently flowing with me, but damn it slows down just fine. That is, I want to try how the car will slow down with a similar vacuum box and GTZ.
At the same time I purchased a GTZ repair kit with a piston diameter of 1 inch. True hz he will approach my GTZ.

I also want to pay attention to how I unscrewed the bolt in the GTZ on the current vacuum cleaner, so that the brake pedal would not catch at the very bottom.
I will also say that at the current GTZ, the piston diameter is 1 inch. At the GTZ, which now stands diameter 15/16. But what were the diameters of the pistons in the GTZ on the previously installed vacuum cleaners I do not know and do not remember.

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The most extreme option: put the current vacuum cleaner, drill a hole at the bottom of the VUT body and screw in a faucet to drain the brake fluid. Well, periodically add brakes.

By the way, this pump and relay are on sale.

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Описание товара:

Напряжение: DC12V (DC 12V)

Ток: 0.4-0.55А

Мощность : 7 Вт

Номинальный ток: 0,4-0,6А

Максимальный расход : 1,5-2 л / мин

Максимальная температура воды : 50 ° C

Максимальное всасывание : 2 метра

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